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We look wider.

We apply our years of Wall Street experience and our expansive industry network to the reinsurance arena. This allows us to think creatively about the marketplace and build a diverse portfolio across a wide range of catastrophe-related insurance risks—from Florida wind to Japanese cargo ships to European winter storms.

We dig deeper.

Our team includes actuaries and underwriters with the technical capabilities needed to conduct in-depth risk analysis and the portfolio management expertise to identify the best opportunities for our investors.

We take the long view.

Our team sees the world of reinsurance as a collection of interconnected interests. Working closely with each other, with brokers and with investors, we uncover valuable ideas, design creative solutions and create bridges to lasting value.

ILS Capital is an SEC-registered investment firm specializing in insurance-linked securities. We combine traditional portfolio management techniques with disciplined security selection and risk management to create long-term value for investors. As leaders in the reinsurance and investment fields, our team has a successful track record and is known for its extensive industry network, for its deep understanding of the market and for acting with integrity.

We believe reinsurance can play a powerful role in a diversified investment portfolio. Our portfolio is built with the understanding that individual risk selection, tactical sector allocation and portfolio level analytics are the keys to repeatable success, regardless of fluctuations in market conditions. Each contract in our portfolio — be it insurance protection against a California earthquake or an explosion on an offshore oil rig — is evaluated quantitatively and qualitatively, as well as on a portfolio basis using ReSolution™, our proprietary risk analysis and portfolio management system.

People, principles & plain talk

Value doesn’t come just from numbers. It comes from people.

We value the people we work with and have developed strong long-term relationships with customers, major reinsurance brokers and other market participants. Because they view us as trusted partners, our investors tell us what they really need, and our brokers provide us with the best market intelligence. Together, our team, our investors and our customers distinguish our process and portfolio.

We’re straight shooters.

Nothing is more important to us than the trust that our investors and insurance customers place in us. Our relationships are based on a set of shared values and objectives, and because we personally participate in our Firm’s investments, our financial interests are aligned. Whether we are assessing risk, providing candid feedback to a broker on deal structure or ensuring that our financial disclosures are clear and complete, we do the right thing.

We can make an impact.

Reinsurance plays a critical role in the global economy, helping moderate the impact of extreme natural catastrophes for insurance companies and the communities they protect. We believe we have the opportunity, and the fiduciary duty, to make a meaningful impact – to improve the way companies assess risk and to promote behavior that safeguards the environment – starting with our investment practices. We evaluate each portfolio position against a range of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria to ensure our investments promote and safeguard sustainability. We believe that these policies will benefit both our investors and our world.

Our team is our core value

We have assembled a team of outstanding professionals with complementary backgrounds and skills. With the ability to draw on more than 150 years of collective investment and reinsurance experience, our team is among the most distinguished in the industry.

Don Kramer Founder, Chairman and Managing Partner
Tom Libassi Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Paul Nealon Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Laura Ferris Chief Financial Officer and
Chief Compliance Officer
Matt Belk Managing Director, Chief Actuary
Glenn Clinton Managing Director, U.S. Property Reinsurance
John Haggerty Managing Director,
Specialty Reinsurance
John Warwick Managing Director, International Property and Weather Reinsurance
Armand Foy Senior Vice President
LaVonne Smith Senior Vice President
Antonia Bryan Vice President

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